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What makes a great PT?

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Personal Trainer

Here we look at some of the qualities that great personal trainers have:


We need effective communication from our PTs. They need to explain instructions clearly and concisely in order for their clients to enjoy the session in turn creating a happy and rewarding atmosphere.

Realistic target setting

The PT should be able to recognise each client’s realistic achievable targets over periods of time and set them goals which they are able to accomplish.


Being professional is key to a good reputation and client retention.

Ability to motivate

A great PT is able to motivate their clients and keep them focussed on the tasks set.

Knowledge of trends and technology

Industry knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest fitness tech is key to becoming a great personal trainer as your clients can experience something new and fresh.

Adaptable to each client’s needs

We are all unique individuals - no two people are the same. It’s therefore imperative that the PT designs the right activities for their clients specific requirements and own set of goals. Whether it be weight loss or muscle gain.


Although real life experience is invaluable, it’s also great to have qualifications as well to back up your practical experience. Generally, customers would prefer a qualified instructor looking after their set of requirements.

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