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Adventure Sports Holiday & Travel Insurance

Why buy adventure sports travel insurance?


Going on an adventure holiday uninsured could turn out to be an unwise decision if the unexpected occurs. The travel insurance we will arrange will give you rapid emergency treatment if you are injured and has a wide range of covers designed to protect you from many eventualities. Quotations can be provided on a single trip or annual multi-trip basis. Please contact us for assistance with your policy. 

We cover a wide ranging list of hazardous sports and activities such as:

  • Climbing 

  • Trekking

  • Scubadiving

  • Skiing

  • Canoeing, Kayaking & Rafting

  • Mountaineering

  • Football (including American football)

  • Cycling

  • Badminton

We can also cover many other types of activities. Please call us with your specific requirements.

What will the travel insurance cover and why is it important to buy?


Buying adventure travel insurance provides many benefits enabling you to be worry free during your trip. These are some of the important aspects of our travel insurance cover:


Travel Disruption Cover

This is designed to protect the modern day traveller from flight cancellations, Accommodation failure, The insolvency of accommodation provider or booking agent, fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, volcanic eruption and/or volcanic ash clouds, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, storm or an outbreak of food poisoning or an infectious disease meaning you cannot use your booked accommodation. 

Tailored Cover

We create a policy based around your needs, saving you money on the cover that you do not need. 

Medical Conditions

Our insurers have a wide acceptance for pre-existing medical conditions.

Average Cost Example:

Getting medical treatment abroad can be a costly experience. Some examples of costs are:

Fractured hip in the USA: £50-75,000 plus repatriation.

Fractured Arm in Spain or Turkey: Lower Arm £6-8,000 Upper Arm £15,000

Medical Repatriation with a Doctor on a commercial aircraft:
Europe £6,000 USA £14,000 Asia £18,000 Australasia £30,000

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