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Obstacle Course and Bootcamp Insurance

Obstacle Assault Course and Bootcamp Insurance

Insurance for event organisers, races and training providers


Finding a suitable and cost effective insurance policy to cover obstacle course and bootcamp events / races / training is often a challenging task - many insurers will not even consider the idea. Luckily, we're specialists in this field, having assisted many of our clients in arranging a bespoke policy to suit their specific needs. Most obstacle courses and bootcamp training events offer different aspects from each other (such as a large list of obstacles within the race to be tackled by participants), meaning that many 'off-the-shelf' policies will leave you uninsured in the event of a claim, leading to financial disaster. We are here to help. 

Activity Business Cover partner with Towergate Insurance Brokers and British Obstacle Sports to provide an insurance solution for Obstacle Course and Endurance Racing.  Please visit for more information and to contact Towergate Directly as they are our preferred partner within British Obstacle Sports.

What type of events and training can we cover?


  • Mud-Runs

  • Assault and Obstacle Courses

  • Keep Fit Bootcamps

  • Outdoor Bootcamps

  • Military Style Bootcamps

and more... 

Why buy insurance for your event?

Opting out of purchasing insurance for an event of this nature could be highly risky. If a participant at one of your events gets injured, it could leave your business vulnerable to a large financial loss in the way of a claim pay-out. Injury claims can cost thousands of pounds (and upwards) to deal with, depending on severity. Having an insurer behind you who has the right procedures in place to deal with a claim is highly recommendable - giving you peace of mind. 

How Activity Business Cover help:

We make the process straightforward and simple, leaving the insurance part to us will help you concentrate on organising your event knowing you have cover in force.

We provide a bespoke policy that is tailored to your requirements meaning that the policy is insured on the right basis. Many online policies will not be underwritten correctly which could lead to a claim not being paid.

Competitive premiums - helping you save cost with unnecessary covers which may not be applicable to you.

What types of insurance policies are suitable to you?

Public liability

Protecting your business against the dreaded bodily injury claim or third party property damage claims that you may be held responsible for. This type of claim is generally the most likely risk - buying a public liability policy is a must in this sector. These claims could come from participants, spectators or other third parties who are at the event. 

Employers liability

Employers liability will protect the business from injury / illness claims by employees that you could be liable for. Many event organisers and training providers will use volunteers at their event. Under an insurance policy, a volunteer is still classed as an employee so it's important that suitable cover is in place. Employers Liability can be a legal requirement, depending on your set-up. 


We can include cover for equipment that you use for your events and training. For example, specialist structures for an assault course, tents and temporary stands. Many organisers hold a wide array of specialist kit which we can assist in insuring. 

Optional Extras:

  • Abandonment, Cancellation and Postponement

  • Prize Indemnity

Events Cancellation Insurance


Another popular policy, that we are also able to arrange is an event cancellation policy. This will cover you for claims such as adverse weather stopping the event from taking place. Most obstacle and assault courses are held outside, meaning that there is always a risk of the event having to be cancelled for bad weather, especially in the United Kingdom. 

Losses can be covered on a revenue basis or a cost only basis which will be stated on the schedule of insurance. 

Please feel free to call us to discuss event cancellation insurance in greater detail.

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