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Sports Club Insurance

Sports Club Insurance

We provide our services to a wide range of amateur sports clubs, helping them protect themselves in the event of a claim. We have policies to suit all sports, including football, cricket, athletics, swimming, snooker, bowling and tennis. We are able to help you select from a wide array of covers and tailor a policy to suit your specific needs, helping you to reduce insurance unnecessary costs. Please call us on 0207 078 7540 or complete an online form to get started with your quotation.

How much does it cost to get a sports club insured?


Each club will have varying set-ups and requirements meaning that the price of policies will depend on varying factors. These factors will include things like buildings replacement costs, equipment values, the size of the club and the type of sports that it provides to its members. Once we have gathered the relevant information, we will then be able to provide a competitive quotation which is suitable for your needs. We can also cut out unnecessary covers by offering a bespoke package policy, meaning you may be able to save money on avoidable additional premiums.

Sports Socks

Many covers available to protect your sports club:



Protecting your clubs premises from various insurable perils such as fire and flood. Coverage available for buildings and contents.


Loss of Licence

Insurance protection for licenses that the club may hold - i.e. alcohol license. 

Public Liability

Public liability insurance will protect the club against bodily injury claims and third party property damage claims. This coverage is vital for sports clubs.


We can cover all types of sports equipment that is owned by the club - such as training equipment, balls and raquets etc.

and more. 

Frequently asked questions


Do you offer finance?

Yes, we're able to offer many ways to pay for your insurances including direct debit. See our blog post for more info regarding the payment options that we can offer.

What type of clubs do you insure?

We can insure many types of clubs, including football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, tennis clubs and more - feel free to discuss your specific requirements with us on 0207 078 7540

Why do I need Insurance for my sports club?

Due to the nature of risks you may face as a sports club, it's important to obtain coverage to mitigate these risks. You could obtain comprehensive liability insurance to cover staff/volunteers and also injuries to the public or sued for damages to a third party property. You can also obtain coverage for sports equipment, buildings and other material elements that may need covering within your sports club

Superior Claims Handling 


We're there to support your if you are in need of our assistance. We understand accidents happy and it is vital that your insurance policy responds in the right circumstances. Our dedicated staff are there to assist you to help with making these scenarios as stress-free as possible

Underwritten in the UK


Our policies are underwritten in the UK and backed by selected insurers who provide specialist capacity to sports clubs

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