Sports Trainer Insurance

Sports Coach Insurance

Cover for coaches, instructors, trainers and teachers


A Sports coach's aim is to help their students achieve their sporting goals and to improve their abilities. We help our clients get insured in correctly so that they can coach while having peace of mind, knowing they're correctly insured in case a claim is made against them.


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Some of the sports we cover:

  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Rugby

  • Swimming

  • Tennis & Squash

  • Basketball

  • Badminton

and more...


Types of Insurance:

Depending on your requirements we can tailor cover to your specific needs. Generally, sports coaches tend to purchase the following covers:

Public Liability

Cover for claims made against you for injury and property damage. Coverage limits ranging from £2,000,000 to £10,000,000 depending on your requirements.


Sports coaches will have many types of equipment that they will need to insure, such as balls, cones, rackets and personal protective equipment. We can get this included onto your policy. 

Personal Accident

If you become injured while performing your duties as a sports coach, Personal Accident Insurance will provide you with a benefit income.

Optional overseas cover

If you get additional work abroad or overseas, we can extend your policy to include the ability to work abroad.

We can also arrange other covers such as Employers Liability if you take on additional members of staff to help out.



Can I purchase multiple covers at the same time?

Certainly, for example if your requirements mean that you need to purchase cover for public liability, equipment and employers liability, we can house these all under one policy.


Can I make payment via credit card?

Yes, we're able to process card payments over the phone. 

Does the policy span over a year?

Yes, the policies we provide are on an annual basis, allowing you to work throughout the year without worrying about your insurance.

Is the public liability cover location specific, or can I train pupils at different locations?

No, you are able to coach UK wide. 

What do I do if i need to make a claim?

Please call us immediately and we will guide you through the process.