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Trampolining, a way to bounce back to fitness?

trampoline park insurance

The latest fitness craze, trampolining, is a great way to get fit while having lots of fun!

How can I get into trampolining?

You can now easily buy mini trampolines or rebounders online, which help you tone muscles, lose weight and improve fitness. You can also go to trampoline parks and experience trampolining on a larger scale.

Why should I try trampolining?

Tone muscles – the majority of the force while doing this type of exercise is generated by a mixture of many parts of your body (mainly the core, legs and glutes) thus helping to tone and shape your muscles.

Brain development – mental alertness, co-ordination and concentration are all improved while trampolining. Anticipation and reaction timing are also greatly enhanced.

Low impact – great for people who have existing joint problems – the trampoline pads soak up much of the impact, unlike exercising on hard surfaces.

Improve cardio – trampolining is an aerobic exercise which encourages your heart and lungs to keep working hard to keep your body oxygenated. It’s an excellent way to improve fitness levels.

We are able to insure trampoline parks and fitness training that includes some trampolining elements under our specialist policies.

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