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New year resolution - great tips on saving money whilst still being able to eat healthily

Pre-packing snacks

Have you ever gone to work without any snacks and then found yourself purchasing an alternative product from a local store which can often be expensive? We’ve all done it. A good alternative which helps save money is to always pre-pack the healthy snacks you have bought (such as fruit) and take them with you to enjoy at work.

Buying in mass

If you bulk buy items that you know you are going to eat regularly it can help save a lot of wasted trips to and from the shops. It’s also generally cheaper to buy more of a product than less of it, helping you to save money over the long-run. You can freeze extras if necessary.

Planning your meals ahead of time

If you know on the most part what you’re going to eat over the next week for your meals then you will be able to shop and buy ingredients for everything you need which will help you cut down on wasting money on unnecessary items that you wouldn’t have needed to buy.

Changing meats for some alternative products

As meat can often be very expensive to buy, it could be worth trying some meat-free veggie products as a replacement for certain meals.

Look for reduced priced items

You’ll frequently be able to find reduced priced items when searching your local supermarket. Purchasing these items and eating them over the next couple of days (before they reach their sell-by-date) can help save a lot of money.

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