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Low impact activities to help burn calories

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The activities listed below are used to keep impact low, helping keep your joints in good condition, while also burning off a high amount of calories.


This is a great way to build strength, endurance and fitness. Swimming is a low impact activity that is good for joint health. If you can build up the amount of lengths you do at a quick pace, you’ll sure be burning off a lot of calories.


Kettlebells work the whole body and as you’ll be stationary for the majority of the time, it’s a low impact activity. It gets your heart rate up and builds a lot of strength all around the body. A fantastic way to work-out.


Cycling does not impact your joints in the same way that running does, as you're not pounding away on your joints. Cycling builds a strong lower body and in turn helps burn a lot of calories.


If done correctly, yoga can burn a lot of calories and also help lengthen, strengthen and improve the mobility of your muscles and joints. High repetition makes this a good way to keep fit.

Strength Circuits

Burn fat while building muscle. Strength circuits at your local gym (or at home) are a great way to burn calories. They are slow motions designed to build up your strength, while having minor impact.

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