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Injury prevention tips for participating in winter sports

Many people tend to try and stay warm indoors during winter, on the other hand, many find it an exciting experience to take part in winter sporting activities. Here are a few general tips to take into account additional hazards faced while participating in winter sports:

Wear breathable layers that are warm. There are a lot of different apparel brands that provide great clothing which are specially designed for winter sports. These layers can then be removed as and when necessary if you do feel like you’re becoming too warm and your body is overheating.

You should warm up your cold muscles by light stretching or light exercise. It’s always a lot easier to strain cold muscles when you haven’t warmed up properly.

Have regular breaks and refuel yourself with water. It’s essential to keep hydrated when temperatures are low.

Do not push yourself to the limit when you’re towards the end of your session, this is when accidents can happen, especially if there are lapses in concentration and the surface you’re on could potentially be slippery.

If an injury does occur, it may be wise to follow the PRICE method of care until the injury is looked at by a specialist (Protect – Rest – Ice – Compress – Elevate).

Make sure you wear all protective equipment required for the particular sport you’re involved in.

With a few extra precautions taken, like the ones listed above, it will greatly enhance your ability to keep injury free when it’s cold.

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