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How to improve your posture with exercises at the gym


Many people have poor posture due to spending most of their day sitting down at work on computer chairs. As a result of this, muscle imbalances can often occur quite rapidly and it’s often tough to get them back into their natural state.

Below are some simple exercises that can be done which may help improve your posture.


Generally associated with building strength and power, the deadlift tends to work most of the muscles in the legs, lower back and core. According to recent research, doing the deadlift correctly greatly strengthens the spine, which can help recover your posture.

Kettlebell swings

Swinging a kettlebell will help you develop strong muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments – also improving fitness and endurance. One of the biggest benefits of this exercise is the improvement in your posture. The swing is a naturally helpful exercise which will help undo the effects of being sat on a computer chair for too long.

Seated cable rows

The seated cable row really works on strengthening and improving your back, lower chest and arm muscles – helping with a poor posture and toning up muscles which have become weak over time.

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