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How to fit fitness training in around a busy lifestyle

It can often be challenging trying to keep fit during the week. Here are some useful tips which can make a huge difference to physical and mental wellbeing.

Planning your meals

Plan your weekly meals in advance. It's beneficial to take meals you have already prepared to work with you, which can also help save money. A one day a week cheat day is generally acceptable. Avoid eating ready meals, fast food and eating out.

Set sustainable targets

Setting small goals initially will help maintain focus and boost confidence once they’re achieved. You can monitor progress using your smartphone technology by taking pictures or by using one of many of the latest fitness apps available to download.

Train smart

Many people make the mistake of training at high intensity for long periods of time, which can lead to exhaustion and a decrease in productivity at work. You can train long or hard, but it’s difficult to do both. If you’re lacking time, an option here would be to make your workout short, but keep intensity high.

Get your workout gear ready the evening before you train

Being organised the night before you train puts you in the right frame of mind the following day to go to the gym. It helps take an extra task off your mind in the morning when you're already busy, allowing you to focus on the day ahead.

Find a workout buddy

Training with a friend can make sessions more fun and enhance your desire to go to the gym. You can encourage each other – this is hugely beneficial when it’s cold and dark outside! Going to group exercise classes helps meeting new people.

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