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Five ways to keep motivated with your fitness goals

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Keeping motivated and staying on track with your fitness goals can often be challenging, especially during autumn and winter months! Here we set out five tips that many people use to help them stay motivated.

Get social

It’s always fun to make new friends while keeping fit. By joining group exercise classes at your local gym, it’s a great way to make new workout buddies and keep exercise interesting as you’ll have that social element to look forward to.

There are also social online communities like Facebook pages and forums that people can join to share their fitness progress and meet like-minded people.

Introduce variety

Doing the same routine can often be tedious and boring. It’s important to change workouts and introduce a new variety of exercises - it will help keep you motivated.

Push yourself

You are the biggest success factor to your workout plans and goals. You are the one who will decide to go to the gym and how often you will work out.

Keep a journal

Recording your progress and tracking your results in a journal is a great way to developing your fitness. There are various ways to track your fitness goals - e.g. via a notebook, a phone app, a computer spreadsheet etc. You can then reflect on how far you’ve come on your fitness journey.

Reward yourself

By rewarding yourself you’re more likely to be determined to reach the goal you have set Try to choose non food related products, like a new outfit, a short break away or a trip to the cinema. By knowing you’ve got something to look forward to it can do wonders for your fitness goals.

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