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Does online personal training work?

Online personal training is a trend rising rapidly all over the world. In many ways, it’s similar to being trained in real life however the key difference is that the trainer is not next to you while you’re training. Some people prefer this method of training and others miss the personal touch offered by using a PT at their local gym. We’ll now run through a few positives and negatives of online personal training.


Easy access to expert advice – you can access information from great trainers all over the world.

Less costly than normal personal training.

Freedom of location and time – you’re not constrained to the personal trainers schedule.

On-going support – get access to dietary guidelines and advice via emails quickly.


No one showing you the correct technique – this can make training dangerous if you’re not doing the exercises properly – leading to injury.

Lack of motivation – there’s no one there pushing you – you have to push yourself!

Online trainers will struggle to judge your progress in an accurate way as numbers can often be skewed – if they’re watching you in real life it’s a lot easier to track progress.


Overall, online training does work and people can get results out of it. Hopefully the study of pros and cons above will help you decide if it’s for you.

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