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Important equipment to take rock climbing

Rock climbing is an adventurous activity enjoyed by many people across the world. Here we will discuss some of the most important rock climbing equipment you’ll need to start your own adventure.

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Climbing ropes

The most important piece of equipment - this will save you if you slip and fall!

Many activity providers will often provide you with a rope, saving you the time and effort of buying one.


This should be comfortable and fitting as it’s where your climbing rope will be tied to.

Belay device

A mechanical friction brake device which is used to control the rope. The device will generally be used to catch a fall, lower a climber or gradually let the rope out during a ascent.

Climbing helmet

Another hugely important item to take rock climbing. This will help protect your head from bangs against rock or falling debris from above.

Chalk bags / chalk

Chalk bags allow you to carry chalk with you for your climbs. Chalk greatly improves your grip – it also absorbs a lot of additional moisture, to stop your hands from slipping.


Used to connect the climbing rope with other pieces of equipment.

Also known as a ‘biner’.

Specific rock climbing shoes

The soles on rock climbing shoes allow you to gain a good grip on the rocks and help protect your feet. There are many variations of shoe available.


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