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The no equipment workout!

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The exercises below allow you to work out without going to the gym or having to use any equipment at all. They work on most of the body’s muscles and are great for strengthening, toning and shaping your body. The YouTube links below provide great instruction to get you started.

Renegade row

This exercise trains every muscle in the upper body, improves posture, core strength and stability.

Side planks

The side plank is perfect for targeting obliques and helping develop great abs.

Tricep dips

A great upper body workout - targeting various muscles.

Diamond push-ups

This exercise targets the triceps, chest and front deltoids – it really gets your blood pumping.


Great for your core muscles and stability.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers will really work your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings and are an ideal way of improving joint flexibility.

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