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Top fitness trends of this year

group training - fitness insurance
Group training

We have seen the continuance of many popular fitness trends this year, however there have also been some new ones:

Wearable tech

This trend has been around for a while and will probably be around for a long time due to the staggering increases being made in fitness technology. Not only can these gadgets monitor your heart rate so you can compare it against previous results but they can also store hundreds of songs to make sure you’re enjoying the latest music while you are working out.


Sitting in a cold tank at near freezing temperatures might seem odd at first, but the trend is becoming continuously popular.

Benefits can include:

1. Pain relief, reduced inflammation and muscular healing.

2. Weight loss.

3. Prevention of dementia, reduction of anxiety and depression.

Group training

This is a great way to keep fit, be sociable and make new friends. Many gyms are offering group classes for their clients.

Group training classes include:

1. Boxfit

2. Strength training

3. High intensity

4. Spinning


Many trampoline parks are popping up all over the UK and they’re becoming more and more trendy. Some research shows that trampolining can be far more effective than jogging and it is not as taxing on the joints. It can also greatly increase upper / lower body strength, improve your conditioning and balance.


Yoga continues to be one of the most popular exercise classes due to it’s ability to increase your muscle tone, help with relaxation in our stressful lives and greatly strengthening your core. There are many variations of this type of exercise including Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga etc.

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